ACE Nutrition Team

Michelle Deschenes

Michelle Deschenes, RDT

Founder of ACE Nutrition

Following a 20-year career as a Dietary Technologist in hospitals throughout Canada, I founded ACE Nutrition and Diet Consulting in 2012 because of my passion for preventative health.

It pleases me to help people with everyday challenges of eating so they can be the healthiest and happiest possible. A long and healthy life is ACE Nutrition’s vision for my clients.

I prioritize strategies to optimize energy and health. Taking the fight out of food by combining science and knowledge, I help clients achieve their goals, and bring back the joy of eating.

Jessica Bigelow

Jessica Bigelow, RD, MPH

Registered Dietitian

Jessica is a Registered Dietitian with a Master of Public Health and specializes in weight management, plant-based eating, chronic disease prevention, and disordered eating. She enjoys connecting with her clients and offers a supportive environment to meet clients where they are on their health journey.

Jessica uses science-based nutrition knowledge to create a plan uniquely designed for each client to meet their nutritional needs that fits within a realistic lifestyle. She is passionate about helping people create a healthy relationship with food by breaking down the myths of diet culture. She enjoys working with clients to make healthy eating simple and form sustainable habits to achieve their health goals.

Maja Kujundzic

Maja Kujundzic, RD

Registered Dietitian

As a Registered Dietitian, I have worked in various areas of primary care, acute care and post-acute care settings. My expertise is in metabolism and diabetes, complex medical care, stroke rehab, weight management and mental health.

Nutrition does not have to be complicated. I believe that the food we eat should be nourishing and delicious. After all, food sustains life. It nourishes us, its pleasure, taste and adventure. It brings people together.

Providing evidence-based client centered care, I guide others toward reconnecting with food to nourish their bodies while addressing chronic health conditions. After all, our meals should be delicious as nutritious.

“ Achieving My Goal is Possible “
Michelle Deschenes really made me feel like achieving my goals is possible. Michelle gave me lots of encouragement, information and tips. Her approach is not about deprivation, but more about finding a healthy balance, which I loved.
~ Maria B.
“ I am Excited to Work with ACE Nutrition “
Michelle Deschenes is a wealth of information about nutrition and health. Michelle provided me with helpful resources and information to help support my journey towards achieving my goal. I am excited to be working with her!
~ Diane N.
“ It is Fabulous “
I just signed up and completed the 6 lessons of the online course (Nutrition for Life) at my own pace on the weekend. It is fabulous! So much information on many levels.
~ Catherine B., College Instructor
“ Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss Process “
Michelle brings a wealth of information along with energy and enthusiasm in helping her clients achieve their goals. The best part for me has been how surprisingly easy the weight loss process has been after years of struggling on my own.
~ William K.
“ I Got the Energy I Needed “
As I approach retirement age many younger people ask me how I get my energy. Michelle has taught me good nutrition from real food to get the energy I need. Now I am so sick of hearing others say "I cannot eat these carbs", when I know better.
~ Linda U.
“ I Shed a Great Deal of Weight “
Michelle Deschenes helped me shed a great deal of weight. Encouraged me to cook more healthy foods and kept me motivated.
~ Sherri P.
“ I’ve had Great Success “
I’ve been working with Michelle for a few months now, with great success. You’ll achieve results, and learn food strategies that you will carry with you long after your program is complete.
~ Karen O.
“ Smart Choices Without Deprivation “
Michelle Deschenes gave me so much material to help me make smart choices without deprivation. I appreciate that she enjoys real food and being healthy.
~ Tina C.
“ ACE Nutrition is Always Encouraging “
Michelle Deschenes is always encouraging and teaching that with small steps I can reach my goals. I have learned that if I eat for nutrition and wellbeing, weight loss will follow. It is somewhat of a trust exercise: stop depriving yourself and eat well instead. Thanks for helping me.
~ Tanie S.