Beyond Band-Aids

Beyond Band-Aids

The cost of chronic disease for companies results in lower productivity, absenteeism, and increasing cost of health benefits and drug expenditure.

Corporate Wellness Goes Beyond Band-Aids

Employee sickness has a direct impact. Not only does the work suffer, but the cost of health benefits rises too. This is why employee wellbeing is far more valuable than just checking off the box.

Imagine This...

David, a key employee spearheading the new marketing project, is absent for weeks because he is battling a chronic illness. As a result, the work will stall, the deadline will shift, and it will cause a significant loss. This isn't just a human story; it's a financial one, etched in the rising costs of less effective corporate health benefits.

Let’s admit – drug prices are rising day by day, and traditional health plans are falling short of meeting the employee needs. Every day of employee absence, has an effect on ROI with a deeper strain on both the budget and the team’s productivity.

When David succumbs to a preventable chronic condition, the impact ripples beyond his health.

The answer to David’s health and productivity lies in a simple yet powerful shift – instead of using the band-aid of reactive care, one has to choose a permanent solution of proactive care.

Also, it is about recognizing that a healthy workforce is productive, and that investing in employee well-being is not just a feel-good perk, but a strategic business decision too.

Prevention: The Antidote to Rising Costs

Studies show that an investment in wellness programs, and companies that have embraced preventative health, can yield a significant return on investment. Here is an instance where the Soma Analytics 2017 research ↗ determined FTSE 100 companies that prioritized employee engagement and well-being outperformed the rest of the FTSE 100 by 10%.

“Leah Stringer, a workplace strategy expert, and author of The Healthy Workplace ↗, believes that human health should be the foundation of workplace design, and of business, because companies thrive on the innovation and abilities of their people, and if employees are sick, overweight, stressed, sleep-deprived or disengaged, they prevent the company they work for from thriving and maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace."

Remember the leaky faucet you kept ignoring? Sure, a single drip may seem harmless, but with time it's litres, (and dollars) wasted. Neglecting employee health has similar consequences. While offering basic health benefits might feel like ticking a box, as an Employer/ HR, your strategy is ineffective for the future of the company.

It's time for a real solution! Proactive benefit programs are the place to start. Here’s how your ROI will be positively impacted:

Reduce Healthcare Costs

  • Preventative Care:   By bringing forth personalized nutrition programs, your company can address health risks promptly for your employees. Early disease detection and lifestyle coaching are some tools which will help. The result – employees will avoid costly chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and even mental health issues.
  • Decrease in Absentee: If you invest in keeping your workforce healthy, it means that there will be fewer sick days, doctor visits, and unplanned leaves. It will have a direct impact – improved productivity and operational efficiency. Imagine how a reduction in absenteeism would bring your company significant financial gains!
  • Less Reliance on Pharmaceuticals: With nutritional programs in place, you can tackle the root causes of health problems through diet and lifestyle. The result – your employees will rely less on medications, which will reduce healthcare costs for both employers and employees.

Enhance Employee Productivity and Engagement:

  • Increase in Energy Levels: Personalized nutrition plans that meet the employees’ needs, should result in increased energy levels and optimized emotional health. The result – it will improve focus, concentration, and stamina throughout the workday. Organizations will experience better employee performance, enhanced output, and a more productive work environment.
  • Boosted Morale and Engagement: Personalized services, like a tailor-made nutrition plan, or customized corporate programs, will make employees feel valued and supported in their well-being journey. It will foster a sense of belonging and appreciation among your workforce.
What does it mean for your company? – Loyalty will increase, employee turnover will decrease, and a more collaborative work culture will develop. In terms of being a better workplace, you’ll have a competitive advantage.

Be The Best Place To Work!

A report from Aon in 2021 ↗ found that more employees are interested in benefits that improve their health and lifestyle needs with the following ranking: stress management and counseling (84%), financial planning (74%), nutrition programs (70%), virtual fitness memberships (69%), and the option to buy or rent fitness equipment (66%). Nutritional programs and individual counseling will make your organization a magnet that attracts true talent by setting your company apart from the competition. Besides, by attracting new talent, you’ll also be able to reduce employee turnover and avoid the losses that come with it. Remember, happy employees are generally more engaged and productive.

Ace Nutrition Pro

Build a more resilient, productive workforce that focuses on prevention and takes control of their well-being.

Ready to rewrite the future of your organization? Count the cost of sickness, and convert it into long-term savings through prevention. We can create a healthier workplace together with our corporate nutrition programs and tailor-made, personal nutrition counseling.

Did You Know?
Our brains need fifty different nutrients to function optimally, and a deficiency of any one of these nutrients can impact our brain function and our mental health. Studies report that diet can reduce the prevalence of depression by up to forty percent.
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