Fibre - Your Reliable Friend

Fibre - Your Reliable Friend

A deep dive suggests a multitude of benefits for our gut microbiome and its anti-inflammatory effects, along with a lower risk of heart disease, colorectal and breast cancer, diabetes, diverticular disease and constipation.

Insoluble fibre is found in the skins and peels of fruit and vegetables. Insoluble fibre is also the bran portion of whole grains, such as wheat bran, whole grain breads and cereals. It is the bulky fibre that helps prevent and promotes a healthy digestive system i.e., corn kernels, nuts/seeds.

Soluble fibre is the soft fibre. Soluble fibre can be found in oat bran, oatmeal, legumes (i.e., dried beans, peas, and lentils), fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, apples, and strawberries. When water is added to soluble fibre it becomes thicker, sticky and gel-like. Soluble fibre slows the digestion of food, keeping you fuller longer, and helps curb your appetite and control your weight.

Health Benefits of Fibre

  • Controlling blood glucose (sugar) levels.
  • Managing blood pressure.
  • Lowering blood cholesterol levels.
  • Increasing the feeling of fullness, thus helping you control your cravings.
  • Regulating bowel movements and minimizing constipation.
  • Managing diarrhea and loose stools.
  • Reducing some symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
  • Reducing the risk of getting intestinal ulcers, diverticular disease, and hemorrhoids.
  • Having a healthier colon due to an increase of healthy bacteria.
  • Reducing breast cancer risk, with the suggestion that fibre intake during adolescence and early adulthood may be particularly important.

Recommended Daily Fibre Intake

Gender Age 19 – 50 Age 51+
Females 25 grams 21 grams
Males 38 grams 30 grams

Important Reminders about Fibre:

  • Increase fibre in your diet gradually to avoid gas, bloating and diarrhea.
  • Your fluid intake must increase as your fibre intake increases.
  • Foods claiming a “Good” source of fibre must contain a minimum of 2 grams of fibre per serving.
  • Foods claiming a “High” source of fibre must contain a minimum of 4 grams of fibre per serving.
Did You Know?
Orange Fibre

Is orange juice as nutritious as a fresh orange?

Visualize a whole orange enveloped in fibre. I think of an orange surrounded by layers of twine that represent the fibre content of the fruit. Under the peel there are many sections with membranes that we experience as we enjoy the flavour and juiciness of the whole orange. The fibre is very important as we chew and break down the fruit. The fruit gradually works through the digestive process ensuring a slow release of the naturally occurring sugars. Orange juice lacks the fibre to slow the digestion. Very quickly we will feel that burst of energy that is released as our blood sugars raise swiftly. Unfortunately, our blood sugars crash almost as quickly as it has risen, and we conclude that a whole orange would have digested slower and we would have had longer-term energy.
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