New Year, New Diet Regime?

New Year, New Diet Regime?

How attainable is your resolution? Ideally, we begin by designing a sustainable solution for personal improvement, and make some positive changes to improve our wellbeing.


Keto vs. Carbs? It’s hard to know which direction to take. Which advice do you follow? First, we must recognize that we cannot believe everything that Dr. Google says, what is written in books, or what your neighbour is swearing works best for her. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you must purchase protein powders, meal replacements or supplement, somebody is benefitting financially, but is it really necessary for your success when real food would be the best option?

The bottom line is you should get your advice from a health professional. It is recommended that you speak to your doctor first before starting a new diet or exercise program. Also, any plan that is less than 1200 calories/day is not safe.

With fad diets you can lose weight and see positive results in the short-term but ask yourself how sustainable the diet is. Often the fad diet leads to yo-yo dieting where you gain all the weight back and sometimes even more. What effect does a low carb diet like the Keto diet have on your health long term?


The ketogenic (Keto), Paleo, Atkins, and Whole 30 diets often restrict carbs to less than 50g/day. Research recently published by the Lancet found that restricting carb levels and replacing calories with animal protein and fat sources could lead to premature death (up to 4 years). These diets should be avoided due to increased risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer.

We should limit unhealthy, highly processed carbohydrates such as cakes, cookies, and simple sugars (juice, sugary drinks, sugar, honey, syrup, candy). Eat complex carbs and whole foods that are low in glycemic index such as sweet potatoes, beans, whole grains, fruit and vegetables.

Research shows that those that eat more plant-based foods, including fibre-rich carbohydrate foods live the longest and healthiest and have more success with weight control through good nutrition.


Why does my New Year’s Resolution to lose weight fizzle out before the end of January? At the beginning of the year, we are enthusiastic. We are excited about setting new goals. When you think about it, being healthy is a life-long journey. We work towards being our healthiest selves everyday. Some days it is our biggest struggle. If you have lost 20, 30, or 40 lbs. your body wants to return back to the heaviest it has been. Biologically that is the way we are wired. This can be frustrating.


Remaining health-conscious can wear you down. Remember it does NOT always have to be perfect. Keep an eye on the big picture, the life-long picture. Do your best and make healthy choices most days. Developing a healthy eating pattern is the main goal. Choose something from each of the food groups every meal (a grain, fruit or vegetable, a protein). Do NOT skip meals. Be mindful of your portion sizes. Most importantly, deprivation does not work.

Did You Know?
ACE Nutrition believes in social responsibility and supports local food equity by sharing 3% of their daily income with Loving Spoonful. It’s a joy to see the “Local Food Market Stands” throughout the city of Kingston stocked with fresh local produce for those in need, without cost, and in a dignified manner.
“ Achieving My Goal is Possible “
Michelle Deschenes really made me feel like achieving my goals is possible. Michelle gave me lots of encouragement, information and tips. Her approach is not about deprivation, but more about finding a healthy balance, which I loved.
~ Maria B.
“ I am Excited to Work with ACE Nutrition “
Michelle Deschenes is a wealth of information about nutrition and health. Michelle provided me with helpful resources and information to help support my journey towards achieving my goal. I am excited to be working with her!
~ Diane N.
“ It is Fabulous “
I just signed up and completed the 6 lessons of the online course (Nutrition for Life) at my own pace on the weekend. It is fabulous! So much information on many levels.
~ Catherine B., College Instructor
“ Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss Process “
Michelle brings a wealth of information along with energy and enthusiasm in helping her clients achieve their goals. The best part for me has been how surprisingly easy the weight loss process has been after years of struggling on my own.
~ William K.
“ I Got the Energy I Needed “
As I approach retirement age many younger people ask me how I get my energy. Michelle has taught me good nutrition from real food to get the energy I need. Now I am so sick of hearing others say "I cannot eat these carbs", when I know better.
~ Linda U.
“ I Shed a Great Deal of Weight “
Michelle Deschenes helped me shed a great deal of weight. Encouraged me to cook more healthy foods and kept me motivated.
~ Sherri P.
“ I’ve had Great Success “
I’ve been working with Michelle for a few months now, with great success. You’ll achieve results, and learn food strategies that you will carry with you long after your program is complete.
~ Karen O.
“ Smart Choices Without Deprivation “
Michelle Deschenes gave me so much material to help me make smart choices without deprivation. I appreciate that she enjoys real food and being healthy.
~ Tina C.
“ ACE Nutrition is Always Encouraging “
Michelle Deschenes is always encouraging and teaching that with small steps I can reach my goals. I have learned that if I eat for nutrition and wellbeing, weight loss will follow. It is somewhat of a trust exercise: stop depriving yourself and eat well instead. Thanks for helping me.
~ Tanie S.