Reimagining Lifestyle Medicine

Reimagining Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is a compelling, evidence-based solution to the existing healthcare challenges facing North America. The emphasis is placed on lifestyle intervention, and practical education of disease prevention.

The Canadian Cancer Society advocates for public policy, funds cancer research, and promotes cancer-prevention education. The Canadian Cancer Society sheds light on the unexpected cost of cancer — $290 per month on out-of-pocket costs by Canadians for expenses such as caregiver’s fees, medications, cancer patient appointments, and more. It is clear that a more preventative approach must be taken.

Reduce Cancer Risk, Adopt a “Health Culture”

Businesses can help reduce the risk of cancer among employees by empowering employees with health knowledge. It is time to focus on preventing cancer and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. Business owners can make a big difference in promoting employee well-being by bringing healthy habits into mainstream office culture.

ACE Nutrition is a leading Canadian provider of corporate wellness programs committed to helping businesses thrive. This month, we're focusing on simple dietary changes that can significantly reduce cancer risk. These are: reducing red meat intake, increasing fibre consumption, and limiting high-heat cooking methods.

Reduce:   Red and Processed Meats

As per the studies ↗, there is a proven link between high red meat consumption and colorectal cancer. Red meat includes: beef, pork, lamb, and goat. Processed meats such as bacon, sausage, ham, smoked meat, luncheon meat, and hot dogs are even more harmful.

To nudge employees towards healthier eating and lifestyle, take the lead. Offer healthier options in the cafeteria, and regularly promote plant-based options.

Encourage:   Employees to Explore Healthier Options

  • Limit red meat to 3 servings a week (each serving is 3 oz / 85 g. cooked).
  • Swap half the meat in chili or stews with legumes like beans.
  • Save processed meats for special occasions.
  • Explore veggie burgers and chicken on pizza instead of pepperoni.

Boost Fibre Intake

Fibre promotes healthy digestion and helps maintain a healthy weight, both factors are linked to a lower cancer risk. Fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes are good sources of fibre.

Encourage:   Employees to Increase Fibre Intake:

  • Encourage employees to read food labels, aiming for 21-38 grams of fibre daily.
  • Promote whole-grain options over refined grains like white bread.
  • Suggest adding lentils to pasta dishes or soups.
  • Highlight creative ways to add fibre, like sprinkling pumpkin seeds on salads.

Limit High-Heat Cooking Techniques

While barbequing is a summertime favorite, research suggests that cooking meat, poultry, and fish at high temperatures (frying, broiling, barbecuing) creates potentially cancer-causing chemicals.

Encourage:   Healthier Cooking Methods:

  • Advocate for marinating meats prior to cooking i.e., vinegar-based marinade.
  • Promote low-and-slow cooking methods like crockpots.
  • Highlight kabobs – smaller meat pieces cook faster, reducing risk of chemical formation.
  • Encourage trimming fat and skin from poultry to minimize flare-ups while grilling.
  • Choose to grill vegetables, veggie burgers, and even fruit slices!

Solutions:   Tailored for Your Workplace Wellness

By incorporating these lifestyle changes your employees can feel proactive about their health, leading to a happier, healthier workforce. A comprehensive corporate wellness program with ACE Nutrition can empower your employees to make lasting healthy choices.

On-Site:   Wellness Action Plan

Empowering your employees to take charge of their health is not just the right thing to do, it's a smart business decision. A positive impact on disease prevention results in lower health benefit costs. Remember, small changes can lead to big results. Take action and make a positive impact on the lives of your employees, not just today, but for years to come.

Health-Focused:   Actionable Workplace Goals

  • Week 1: Limit red meat offerings in cafeterias. Offer "Meatless Mondays" and highlight vegetarian options.
  • Week 2: Offer healthy breakfast items in your cafeteria, featuring whole-grain cereals, fruits, and yogurt.
  • Week 3: Celebrate with a "Fibre Fiesta" lunch, featuring delicious fibre-rich dishes like lentil soup, bean burritos, and vegetarian chili.
  • Week 4: Stock vending machines with high-fiber snacks like fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, and whole-grain bars.
Fruit Spread
Did You Know?
To pump up the fibre in your diet think of the 2 P’s: pears and pulses. Pears are one of the highest fibre fruits, containing 5.5 grams/pear. Pulses include beans (kidney, black, pinto, navy, etc.), lentils, and peas (including chickpeas).

There’s 16 grams fibre per one cup of lentils. Men need more fibre than women. 30 grams fibre/day is the sweet spot.
“ Achieving My Goal is Possible “
Michelle Deschenes really made me feel like achieving my goals is possible. Michelle gave me lots of encouragement, information and tips. Her approach is not about deprivation, but more about finding a healthy balance, which I loved.
~ Maria B.
“ I am Excited to Work with ACE Nutrition “
Michelle Deschenes is a wealth of information about nutrition and health. Michelle provided me with helpful resources and information to help support my journey towards achieving my goal. I am excited to be working with her!
~ Diane N.
“ It is Fabulous “
I just signed up and completed the 6 lessons of the online course (Nutrition for Life) at my own pace on the weekend. It is fabulous! So much information on many levels.
~ Catherine B., College Instructor
“ Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss Process “
Michelle brings a wealth of information along with energy and enthusiasm in helping her clients achieve their goals. The best part for me has been how surprisingly easy the weight loss process has been after years of struggling on my own.
~ William K.
“ I Got the Energy I Needed “
As I approach retirement age many younger people ask me how I get my energy. Michelle has taught me good nutrition from real food to get the energy I need. Now I am so sick of hearing others say "I cannot eat these carbs", when I know better.
~ Linda U.
“ I Shed a Great Deal of Weight “
Michelle Deschenes helped me shed a great deal of weight. Encouraged me to cook more healthy foods and kept me motivated.
~ Sherri P.
“ I’ve had Great Success “
I’ve been working with Michelle for a few months now, with great success. You’ll achieve results, and learn food strategies that you will carry with you long after your program is complete.
~ Karen O.
“ Smart Choices Without Deprivation “
Michelle Deschenes gave me so much material to help me make smart choices without deprivation. I appreciate that she enjoys real food and being healthy.
~ Tina C.
“ ACE Nutrition is Always Encouraging “
Michelle Deschenes is always encouraging and teaching that with small steps I can reach my goals. I have learned that if I eat for nutrition and wellbeing, weight loss will follow. It is somewhat of a trust exercise: stop depriving yourself and eat well instead. Thanks for helping me.
~ Tanie S.